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Land of Beds

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Land of beds is a 4-star rated furniture retailing brand that is based in the UK. Based in Helsby, England, the furniture retailing brand stocks all types of first-class furniture from leading UK brands. The popular UK-based furniture retail company has an online store and many showrooms where it displays and sells its premium products. Customers can easily get stylish and comfortable bedding, pillows, mattresses, and beds from leading UK brands. Apart from the full online experience, the company also offers traditional in-store shopping, pick-up, and swift delivery of all purchased products. 

Amazing bedroom furniture brands for all lucky customers

When it comes to the best independent and leading mattress and bed retailer in the UK, easily comes to mind. This is a retailer that specializes in stocking all the best bedroom furniture brands from the UK in one place. With this online retail company, customers can expect to get leading UK brands such as Sweet Dreams, Somnus, Slumberland, Sleepeezee, Relyon Beds, Myers Beds, Millbrook beds, Dunlopillo, Sealy beds, Tempur mattresses, and Hypnos beds.

Multiple showrooms for easy customer access

As if the official doesn’t have enough products on display, the company have gone on to commission several physical showrooms all over the UK. These showrooms act as in-person customer experience centres. They act as points of interaction where customers do not just communicate with the company staff but can try out these products first-hand. Customers can also decide to purchase any products they need in-store at the company’s main showroom in Helsby.

Amazing seasonal deals await customers

Land of beds is unique in the fact that they are known for its seasonal promotions and deals. These deals mean that customers can take advantage of special promotional opportunities to save on premium products from UK leading brands. Whether you choose the winter, Easter, autumn, bank holiday, Black Friday, or Christmas sale deals, you will always get a good product from a UK-leading brand at an affordable price. With hundreds of premium and high-quality products available, customers can get as high as 40% of selected items. While ordering for these special sales can be done both online and in-store, the window of opportunity is limited and time-sensitive. This is what makes each deal a unique and must-have package!

First-rate delivery service

In as much as customers can always expect quality and premium products, is also known for its excellent shipping services. The bedroom furniture brand has developed a near-perfect product shipping system. This ensures that all customers get to receive their ordered products in the fastest time and to the right address. The process covers the ordering stage to final product delivery. This efficient solution ensures that all products are delivered in the best conditions.

Excellent customer support services

Another reason many people prefer to shop with Land of beds is the fact that they have a professional customer support service. This team is made up of trained professionals that ensure that 100% customer satisfaction is met at all times and with each interaction. With constant customer communication throughout the delivery process, many buyers have sworn to always use this company when purchasing their home furniture.

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