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Bed Factory Direct

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Bed Factory Direct is a leading bed retailer and manufacturer. The bed brand has existed for more than three decades creating, selling, and supplying valuable beds, headboards, and mattresses. The leading bed brand in the UK has supplied its products to thousands of satisfied customers in the UK and beyond. The company continues to stock and sell the most innovative and premium bed products to enthusiastic buyers.

What is so unique about

Unlike many other UK retailers, produces and sells its furniture products to customers. This means that you get even better customer service and product warranties. Also, the company boasts of a great refund and return policy should there be a problem with any purchased item. However, due to its high product quality assurance procedures, there have been 0% defective products for many years. This is simply because of the mission of the company which is to produce the best quality products with the most excellent durability. Also, after the product purchase, customers can look forward to a seamless delivery process.

You can get bespoke furniture products and instant delivery

One of the reasons many customers fancy is the fact that they have fast product turnarounds when it comes to ordering bespoke furniture. Many customers fancy their furniture items to be customized according to their special needs. This is where this online retailer shines the most. It has a factory where all its furniture is produced and packaged. The factory while occupying a large footprint, comes with the most sophisticated technologies and equipment in the industry. Also, they boast of some of the finest craftsmen in the furniture-making business. Then, there is the delivery team that ensures that all products and items get to the right customers in the fastest time. This means that you can get all ordered bespoke furniture as fast as possible with regular product progress updates.

Bed Factory Direct: The doorway to the biggest furniture brands in the UK

At, you can also get some of the best furniture brands to buy for your homes and offices. The company stocks its range of premium quality furniture products as well as those of popular brands. With names like Dormeo, Sleepeezee, and Silentnight on offer, you are sure of getting some of the most amazing deals on many of these products. This is a company that has a direct partnership with various leading UK furniture brands to ensure that customers get competitive prices for the most excellent products.

Excellent products made from first-class materials

This is an online retailer that guarantees the best products due to its first-class material sourcing processes. The brand ensures that its sources for quality and sustainable materials to build its products. All materials used for each finished product are Eco-friendly and are supplied by leading raw material suppliers who are professionals in the supply chain of furniture products. At the heart of the furniture, business is timber. This company ensures that its timber is obtained by the highest quality standards and is in line with government approved-regulations. From the forests to the showroom, Bed Factory Direct ensures that exceptional quality assurance is maintained throughout the product journey.

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