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IKEA represents five years of innovative furniture design that have continued to inspire many homeowners to upgrade their interior designs. IKEA is a top-notch furniture brand that is made up of several companies and a lot of talented people. The brand is a global franchise that is well-known for stocking and selling a range of premium furniture products. As a worldwide brand, the company is made up of 460 stores spread all over 62 markets. The Sweden-based furniture brand opened its first store in 1958 in Almhult in Sweden. It has most of its stores in Germany where it has a clear and well-defined supply chain.

A background on

IKEA specializes in designing and selling ready-to-assemble furniture, home accessories, decoration, kitchen appliances, and various goods and services. The company was started by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 and has been the world’s biggest furniture retailer since 2008. IKEA as a furniture brand uses a name that was derived from an acronym. This acronym is made up of the initials of the founder and Elmtaryd (the family farm location), and Agunnaryd (his Smaland-based hometown from the southern part of Sweden). A company structured for excellence

IKEA as a furniture brand is very famous for its different types of furniture and appliances. The company is also popular for its wide range of interior designs that usually involves minimalist patterns. Additionally, IKEA is famous for the cost-effectiveness of its products, operational system, and sustainable product development. This way, the company have been able to lower its costs by an average of 2 to 3%. In 2018 alone, goods valued at $50 billion were sold. IKEA does not have a simple corporate structure, it operates using a complicated corporate business structure. This means that all stores under the IKEA brand operate under the franchise that is controlled by Inter IKEA systems B.V. This management company is responsible for handling branding, manufacturing, design, and supply.

IKEA offers thousands of products to billions of visitors

IKEA has an online product store that contains over 12,000 products. These products range from home items to office products.

The company had more than 2.1 billion visitors to its online store from September 2015 to August 2016. IKEA as a group is responsible for the consumption of about 1% of wood used for commercial purposes. The furniture group is known for its use of sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials to produce its products.

Products and services

IKEA has an innovative furniture lineup that is sold in pre-assembled packages. A majority of the furniture products from the brand are meant for the customers to assemble. According to the company, this pattern helps in cost reduction since the unassembled products are better placed in packages when taken apart completely. At IKEA, customers can hope to find a wide range of home products and items. These range from affordable and functional accessories to home décor, and well-designed furniture. The company stocks everything that ranges from smart home solutions to IKEA kitchens to a massive collection of present-day bedroom furniture, bedding, curtains, lighting, sofas, and many more. The good part of shopping with this brand is that customers are given a unique experience with each in-store or online purchase. Apart from mere products, customers can get inspiration about their interior decor and furniture designs. The company has a wide lineup of amazing products that can be purchased either online or in-store.

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