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Written by admin is a family-owned business that is headquartered in Yorkshire. The online bedroom furniture brand has been in existence for 20 years. For over 2 decades, they have been able to redefine the way people design their sleeping spaces. Sonno as a brand has been at the forefront in helping its clients and customers re-think how they approach their bedroom furniture. The company have various bedroom products for homes, commercial properties, universities, hotels, and more. The franchise is also a front-line UK company when it comes to making custom beds according to the needs of the customers. With this online outlet, customers can enjoy the best homeware that fits all budgets. The company have a wide range of products to cater to all types of customers.

Products on offer

At, you are sure of getting the very best bedroom furniture. The best part of these products is that they are handmade in the UK. The company have a superior quality assurance policy. This means that customers only get the best products that have passed all types of standards and performance tests. You can get all types of bedroom items and products such as:

•           Divan beds: You can make huge savings when you choose from various types of divan beds inspired by the different needs of the customers.

•           Ottoman beds: The retailing company stocks various types of Ottoman beds with elaborate and spacious storage options.

•           Headboards: You can buy all types of stylish and comfortable headboards that are offered at giveaway prices.

•           Mattresses: You can shop from various affordable mattresses that serve various purposes. All mattresses have been made from superior designs and processes. The result is that you get a comfortable and stylish mattress for your bedroom.

Flexible payments for products

The company understands that many customers may not be able to make outright payments. It has a very flexible payment system whereby customers get to spread their tots; payments over a period. Payments can then be made every month.

Delivery and courier services

Sonno also has a reliable and trustworthy delivery service that helps ship all items directly to the customer. They also provide grouped delivery services. This means that when you purchased different items from the brand, they will be grouped to ensure that they are all shipped as soon as possible. The company ensure that customers get all purchased products within 5 to 10 business days. Also, some locations in the UK come with a delivery time frame of 5 to 15 business days. While purchased products are in transit, you will get frequent updates to help you track their progress.

Additional services

Sonno as an online bedroom franchise for homes, hotels, offices, and schools offer a wide range of additional services. They can help you deliver and install the furniture to the desired room at your address. They also provide elaborate assembly services for each furniture. Also, for a minimum cost, they can help you get rid of all old mattresses and beds.

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